One-to-One Learning

GrowthSpurt's teaching philosophy is built upon our One to One Learning approach.  
This means that 
instruction is always the same-One Child with One Teacher during each lesson. Our standard program
ratio of teacher is one to one.  This is what allows us to offer lessons that are so highly personalized 
to your child, which in turn yield superior results and rapid progress. 

The GS Learning Profile™ 

Our GS Learning Profile enables us to assess current skill levels, evaluate & educate your child 
with the highest degree of personalized precision. It is the blueprint for creating your Child's lesson 
plan & the benchmark to monitor growth. The starting point for the GS Learning Profile is the initial 
evaluation, which takes approximately one hour for each subject-Reading, Writing & Math. 

Following your student's initial evaluation(s), we schedule a conference with you to review the results. 
In this conference we will discuss a recommended lesson plan that has been designed for your 
individual child based on their GS Learning Profile. Our Learning Profile is a comprehensive & 
chronological system that we have developed to track everything relating to your 
Child's progress with us. It enables us to monitor real results over time, as well as to break down 
progress in a subject in various areas. This allows us to make minor revisions to your Students 
overall lesson plan when needed. The GS Learning Profile allows us to deliver results with precision 
and personalization. Areas it covers include: 

  1. Initial Evaluation or the Beginning Blueprint
  2. Historical data of exercises from every lesson
  3. Results from Follow Up Tests
  4. Progress Reports
  5. Learning Trend Analysis: progress by area
In the Reading Profile 4 key areas are measured: 

    Word Attack:        Assesses the ability to sound out new words, and phonics.
    Oral Fluency:        Tests the ability to read smoothly, accurately and at a certain rate.
    Vocabulary:          Assesses the student's knowledge of the meaning of words both spoken 
                                    and written
    Comprehension: Evaluates the ability to gather information and comprehend meaning from 
                                    written material. This is the most vital skill to master in reading in order for 
                                    a student to excel.

In the Math Profile 3 key areas are measured: 

    Concepts:       Determines the student's knowledge and grasp of math concepts such as even, 
                              odd, value of columns, fractions, prime numbers, etc
    Computation: Evaluates the Student's level of mastery with solving problems with addition, 
                              subtraction, multiplication, division on up-- depending on the student's age/grade 
    Application:    Word problems take the most skill to solve because they involve three steps, 
                               1) reading and understanding the problem, 
                               2) determining the correct formula to solve the problem, and 
                               3) performing the calculation to get the correct answer.

Innovative Methods 

GrowthSpurt pioneers innovative teaching approaches such as the Bookworm Method™ 
& Blink™ proven to help kids with reading fluency, word recognition and reading mastery. 
Our PracticePerfect™ methodology was developed to target students skill gaps in Math by 
giving them timed math drills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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