eading, writing, math tutoring and programs for all ages!
In addition to the programs below we can provide homework assistance by subject.  So if Algebra is bringing your grades down, call us today!

Age’s three to five

Sprouts Program

GrowthSpurt believes that it’s never too early to get started with your children’s education. That’s why we’ve designed GrowthSpurt Sprouts; a program for student’s age’s three to five. With more focused learning environments, GrowthSpurt Sprouts will help your children build the fundamental skills necessary to succeed throughout their educational experience. Even at a young age, GrowthSpurt Students begin to develop their own self-confidence and a love for learning. GrowthSpurt Sprouts, the perfect preparation program for early learning that serves as a great introduction to the GrowthSpurt Learning Program.

Grades 1 through 12

Original Writing Program

The key objective is enabling a student to become a confident, fluent writer. At this stage it is not helpful to fill the student’s writing with red, corrective marks further discouraging writing. Lessons on English grammar and mechanics take place separately from original writing, typically in the form of sentence writing based upon grade level vocabulary list. Students may be non writers, beginning writers, evolving writers with a goal of expansion into persuasive writing, expository writing as they transition into higher grades. It is never to early to learn to write, and at GrowthSpurt we include writing lessons as part of our Sprouts program above.

Learn To Read Program

Started in the 1950’s this program was the cornerstone of the GrowthSpurt Learning Center offerings. This program offers a blend of instruction, proprietary technology and curriculum to improve reading comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, oral fluency and sentence writing. While the technology has changed over the last 50 years, we too have transitioned our proprietary technology to Cloud based services available at all of our centers or for in-home service.  It is never to early to learn to read, and at GrowthSpurt we include reading lessons as part of our Sprouts program above.

Math Masters Program

This program is a combination of teacher, paper based, independent and teacher supervised computer activities including Mental Math & Computation Foundation from our GS Math Masters program. Our computer technology is proprietary to GrowthSpurt enabling our teachers to enhance instruction with exercises to increase speed, accuracy, mental math ability and Math fundamentals. It is never to early to learn math, and at GrowthSpurt we include math lessons as part of our Sprouts program above.

reading, writing, math tutoring and programs for all ages!
Learn to read, learn to write, improve your math abilities with our programs or use our tutor program to learn by subject.  Reading is an important skill for your career.  Writing is an important ability for business.  Math is critical everyday for basic activities.  Join our reading, writing and math programs today.  Start now and learn to read, write and fundamental math.