My daughter’s math grade jumped from an F to a B in less than a trimester.  She really enjoys the one-on-one tutoring.  GrowthSpurt certainly exceeded my expectations.” 
Patricia R.

Kyle will now read on his own. He would never do that in the past. This was after just 10 lessons for a 1st grader.   
Lisa W.

When my son started reading lessons he was 5 years old and could not speak English. After taking lessons for just under 3 years, he has now completed second grade, reads well above his grade level and is a straight A student. He is now a very motivated student. One of our friends saw our son's progress and sent their daughter for lessons. They too saw a great improvement.   
Pat J.

Dear GrowthSpurt, I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated the assistance that you have provided Justin for the past several years. He has thrived in school with his reading, comprehension, and ability to take the associated tests. Thank you for all your support and help with reading that you have provided Justin through the years.   
Anne R.

Wow! I am impressed. Signed up Jessica for tutoring in Pre Calc. At the beginning of the year, Jessica's grade for Pre Calc was a D-. At the end of the first semester she got a B!!!  Growthspurt met her at her weak points and built them into strengths! The program works and the kids like it - AND it's reasonable. What more could you want? 

After only two lessons I can see a big difference in my daughter's 
attitude. She wants to study and read the books. She's very excited.   
Ana C.

My son, Vijay goes to Cerritos Elementary School.  He has 

been taking Reading Comprehension lessons for the past few months here at GrowthSpurt.  

I've noticed a remarkable improvement in Vijay's performance.  He has achieved an 

'Advanced' level in his grade report card.  The one-on-one attention he received from 

his teachers, Conni, Dean and others was excellent.  I really liked the program, besides 

the one-on-one sessions, Vijay was listening to several audio story books at the center 

that emphasized on the correct pronunciation of the words.  Additionally, he was motivated 

to borrow books to read at home and earn points that are redeemable to get some prizes.  

Every week, the teachers gave me a detailed feedback on his progress.  Overall, 

GrowthSpurt offered a very good learning environment for my child and treated him with love 

and care.  They always encouraged and motivated him to reach his true potential.  I highly 

recommend without any reservation this program to anyone who is considering sending 

their children.

Sai P.

GrowthSpurt Learning Center has been working with my daughter on her Math skills.  All her 

lessons are fully customized for her and focused what she is working on at school.  Her 

multiplication and division math has steadily improved and I am thrilled !  Her scores are getting 

better and better !!   Thanks GrowthSpurt.

Maria J.

reading, writing, math tutoring and programs for all ages!

reading, writing, math tutoring and programs for all ages!
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